TRAIN was the house band at Gazzarri's on the Sunset Strip from 1971 through 1972.

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Mike Kirchner

Bass / Vocals
Mike Cochrane

Lead Guitar / Lead Vocal
Bob Hopkins

Drums / Vocals


While TRAIN was playing at Gazzarri's, they were gaining a reputation as one of the best "LIVE" rock
bands around the L.A. area. Mike, Bob, and Mike could also be found most Sundays playing at the
"FREE" concerts in Griffith Park where they got to play anything they wanted to, not just the dance and
cover songs they played at Gazzarri's. During the time TRAIN was playing at Gazzarri's and for some
time after, they were playing at, The Marina Palace, Under The Ice House, The Mine Shaft in Callabassas,
Filthey McNastey's, Pier 7, Pier 11, The Golden West Ballroom and many other clubs I can't remember the
names of. Train had the great fortune to play with some great bands in the 70's including Tolbekin, Fatso,
13th Hour, The Stains, Vanhalen, Freight Train, Challice, Instant Joy, Eddie James and the Pacific Ocean,
Birtha, Wichhazel, Zontar, The Band Of Angels, and many other bands you may never have heard of.

If you had the opourtunity to see TRAIN live in the 70's, E-mail us and tell us about it!

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TRAIN was the "Houde Band" at Gazzarri's on the Sunset Strip from 1971 through 1972.


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